UNEXPOSED Microcinema

From a backyard barn, to a modern art gallery, to Shadowbox Studio, to a N.C. BBQ restaurant, to our own downtown venue, we've hosted the following filmmakers...

February 2014: SHAMBHAVI KAUL (Durham, NC)

March 2014: JOSH GIBSON (Durham, NC)

April 2014: KATE EWALD, LORENZO GATTORNA, MARGARET RORISON (Baltimore, MD) --"Behind Sight" Tour

May 2014: Hiatus due to the 2nd Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.

June 2014: CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, KELLY GALLAGHER, LAUREN COOK (Iowa City, IA) -- "Women With Knives" Tour

July 2014: JOSHUA YATES (Iowa City, IA)

August 2014: STEVE COSSMAN (Brooklyn, NY)

September 2014: "H.E.F.F. on 95" Tour (Haverhill, MA)

October 2014: TOM WHITESIDE (Durham, NC)

November 2014: BILL BROWN (Durham, NC)

January 2015: JEREMY MOSS (Harrisburg, PA) -- "Space Material, Immaterial Place" Tour

February 2015: JIM HAVERKAMP (Durham, NC)

March 2015: SABINE GRUFFAT (Durham, NC)

April 2015: THE SMYTH BROTHERS (Durham, NC)

May 2015: ERIN ESPELIE (Durham/Colorado, USA)

June 2015: ANNA KIPERVASER (Durham, NC)

July 2015: ALEX MANESS (Durham, NC)

August 2015: Hiatus due to the 3rd Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.

September 2015: "Let Us Taste the Sun" - Selected works from H.E.F.F. #3 (Haverhill, MA)

November 2015: "FRENKEL DEFECTS" - KEVIN RICE (Denver, CO)

Novermber 2015: DAVID GATTEN (Boulder, CO)